Saturday, December 26, 2015

Neocons Dream of War with Russia

If you had any doubt that the neocons are still pulling the strings of the military-industrial complex, you are deceived., viewed by many to be a mouthpiece for the CIA, has published their decade-ahead forecast, and topping the list is their forecast that Russia will "collapse" and that the US military will have to go in and decommission all their nukes.

You can read about it here.

Of course, an American-initiated invasion of Russia (and it is not conceivable that Russia, with or without Putin, is going to invite the US military in to take away their nukes) is not about making the world safer, it is about controlling Russia's vast natural resources, especially of energy.

It is not likely that China would welcome such a move either, no matter how much they might like to see Russia weakened.

The psychopaths running the USA inside the Washington beltway have a war in your future, if they have their way, a war that benefits Halliburton et al., but not you.

You can count on a Republican president to go along with the plan.

But Hillary? Yep. Wall Street and the defense industry are her two biggest donors.

Remember the words of Madelein Albright, Democratic Secretary of State, who, when asked how she felt about five hundred thousand civilian deaths in Iraq, replied:

"It was worth it."

For what, Madame Secretary?

The Deep State has told you what they plan.

"Preemptive" war against Russia.

Is that something you want?