Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday selected links

From naked capitalism:

Expert on Wealth Wins a Top Economics Honor Wall Street Journal. My comment:  see also “The Wail of the 1%” below.
IMF Emerging Markets Veteran on the U.S. James Kwak
Day 3 of the "Why Won't #Krugman Post On Bill Black?" Lambert. Yves’ comment: The MSM, and Krugman appears to be falling in line, is treating Black like radioactive waste.  My comment:  Krugman lives too close to New York and is still attached to Establishment respectability, for all his post-’Sixties power-to-the-people affect.  Get over it Paul—forget the models and forget New York society.  If we don’t start seeing social justice out of Washington, the coming crack-up will be uglier than necessary.

Crucify them! Will Obama the Appeaser allow prosecution?  Doubtful.

John Kerry is Half-Right About Torture  George Washington
Let the Criminal Indictments Begin: Paulson, Bernanke, Lewis  Mish

From the your-taxes-are-going-up department (Windows Live formatting):

The Wail of the 1% – New York Magazine 
Ten Myths About Budget Deficits and Debt – Heritage Foundation

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