Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama’s deal with big pharma


The United States government has agreed not to negotiate prices with Big Pharma in exchange for support of a health bill.

Here’s what Robert Reich, a Democratic team player, has to say about that.

We’ve got a liberal friend from Minnesota visiting who is still arguing that it’s going to be better under Obama because he’s not a Republican.  And I do agree that Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress did the best job in recent memory of managing the economy.

I keep trying to tell her there’s only one party in American politics, the Money Party, and it always wins because it owns the government. 

Sadly, it wasn’t enough that Obama could beat the system (and he really did, and beat the Clintons, too) by raising his own money over the Internet.  What must the man be feeling, if he actually believes anything like his campaign rhetoric?  He’s gone back on what he represented as his basic values, ramping up a stupid war and providing massive welfare for the rich and now caving in to Big Pharma.  Or was it all an act?  I don’t think so.

Head’s up people:  you got to support Congressional candidates with money who will honor your will.  

First, we have to figure out how to get them on the ballot…. I still like the idea of voting out all incumbents until they get the idea….

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  1. I've read comments at several other sites regarding voting out the incumbents until they understand for whom they should be working.

    Hopefully someone will lead this charge!