Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trump: a monster Greenspan created

Paul Samuelson accurately noted that in an inflation every fool fancies himself a great financier.  It might be added that highly leveraged real estate speculators who made fortunes off the Great Accommodator's largesse are the greatest fools.

Aside from being a jackass, Trump belongs to that category of what I call Bubble Boys, those "investors" who made fortunes by leveraging one way or another themselves through the inflation of the Greenspan years.  Trump, Mozillo, et al.

It would be a gift to the Republican Party if Trump runs for President.  I do sometimes wonder if Trump, whose sympathies allegedly have been mostly with Democrats in the past, is not doing this much as Ross Perot did years ago apparently to torpedo the Republicans' chances.

Independents decide Presidential elections.  The independents will not vote for Trump.


P.S.  The Windows partition on the MacBook Pro has proved unstable, and I am having to return the Mac and wait for a loaded XPS laptop to arrive in a couple of weeks.

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