Thursday, August 20, 2009

The New York Times on class; Pinochiobama

h/t Mark Thoma

It is so painful to watch the shredding of our social contract that I’m having trouble posting much.  When I read Mish Shedlock complaining that the healthy will subsidize the sick in a health care program as if this is a proper indictment of “government,” I become very sad that the old right wing meme “government is evil” will be used to complete the neo-feudalization of America.  Much as I admire Peter Schiff for his prescient economic analysis (see for example this) I would be very unhappy to see him in the Senate.  Even Ron Paul has said he would provide health care to the poor and fund it by bringing troops home.

The American people are being snookered again by the right into voting against their own interests.  It is very sad.

Those who voted for Obama thinking they were going to get real change rather than a executive facsimile of Alan Greenspan (I used to irritate liberal friends in the ‘Nineties by calling Alan “The Great Accommodator”—liberals can be so blind to the persuasions of money, too—easy money was good for the people, no?) those who voted for Obama are perhaps the most devastated by the way things are going, now that we see that Obama is just a puppet, an appeaser of Wall Street, a politician who knows his place. 

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  1. Anyone who really thought Barry was going to change things wasn't paying attention