Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Increase the top marginal tax rate!

The Effect of Tax Cuts and Tax Hikes on Economic

To answer Peter Schiff and all the other greedy persons who say increasing the top marginal tax rate would kill the recovery.

The Tea Party movement is in danger of entrenching the status quo in a state of neo-feudalism for generations to come by blaming the working class for the country’s ills, when in fact it is the ruling class who has rigged the game for their own advantage, from corporate governance (i.e., control fraud) through government (i.e., a Congress of bought and paid for shills for moneyed interests) to our facsimile of a President, a media image wholly without meaningful substance, a virtually seamless continuation of Bush II’s budget-busting appeasement of the military-industrial-financial complex at every turn.

With income and wealth inequality at multi-generational highs, and top marginal tax rates at multi-generational lows, it is time to raise taxes on the rich, including estate taxes.

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