Monday, January 17, 2011

Links 1/17/2011

A defense of a working program –    Social Security.  Read the Brookings link.  Fighting the plutocracy’s propaganda (“We are happy to send you on the road to serfdom!”).  I really should put these guys on my recommended sites list.  They get very pedantic and go off on highly academic economics polluted tangents, but do good work in general.  It’s my distaste for academic economics that has prevented me from adding them.  I’m going to work on that.

Central Bank steps up its cash support to Irish banks financed by institution printing own money Independent (Ireland). Yves’ commentary:  “You have to love this, no one else seems to be reporting that the Irish Central Bank is “printing” euros. Yes, they did inform (note merely inform) the mother ship, the ECB, which is pretending this is all OK. Now if the Irish can take the position that they don’t need approval, what is to prevent any other eurozone central bank from doing the same?”  Hyperinflation, here we come?  This is mind boggling.

Forget Brain Age: Researchers Develop Software That Makes You Smarter – Wired.  The only scientifically validated “brain training” method, now implemented in freeware at   Brain Workshop was created by Paul Hoskinson, and is maintained by Paul Hoskinson and Jonathan Toomim.  Thank you!  I downloaded it have played a couple of dozen times…. Challenging!  I made the suggested $5 donantion as well.  “Brain training” is now a multi-hundreds of millions of dollars a year “industry” (scam?).

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