Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The American sheeple

I wish I could believe Paul Farrell, but I think Gerald Celente gets it right when he says the American people have sunk the level of being complete schlubs, adopting a street-gang affect, tuned out from reality their brains scrambled by their throbbing ear buds, and they thumb their latest tweets into their I-Phones.  Farrell is right a depression is coming, but a revolution?  The American sheeple aren’t up to it.  Their government has them in an electoral strait jacket with no real choice, and has federal troops and hired goons ready to round them up into domestic concentration camps if they act up.  And as I pointed out a couple of posts back, the Great Depression did not solve the inequality problem last time around, as I’m sure the rich are aware…. 

Tax the Super Rich now or face a revolution – MarketWatch

The rich want a fast-breeding proletariat to fight their imperialistic wars.  They are (mostly) lacking in the subject of the next link.

The science of empathy Guardian

Madness in high places now….

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  1. That Marketwatch article isn't terribly well written - a little difficult to read. But as a minimal counter-point, there was no revolution during the great depression - why would there be this time?

    Even given the wealth of information now available to US citizens, they choose to see the world through the propaganda given to them rather than seek wider views. And the cognitive dissonance of facing a reality which is so far from that which has been sold to them their entire life is probably too much for most to overcome.

    “The difference between American propaganda and Soviet propaganda is that the Americans believe theirs.” (old soviet joke apparently)