Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catastrophic system failure

No, not of the economy, but of my seven year old Windows XP machine with 150 programs installed on it, with Windows suffering from severe dementia.  I tried to rebuild the C: drive and the resulting meltdown destroyed data on not one but two backup images.  Unbelievable.

So I splurged and got a refurbished 15 inch MacBook Pro 64-bit with a dual–boot partition so I can run Windows 7 on one side (needed for econometrics software, Windows Live blogging, Band in a Box, and Condor, a soaring flight simulator), while on the other side I am getting to know Snow Leopard, the Mac operating system, and why all the physicists I’ve ever known have used Macs.  There is simply no comparison. 

So if anyone wants to make a contribution, go for it!  I will be back up blogging soon.

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