Monday, September 19, 2011

Whose cash?

I keep hearing that “corporations have $2 trillion of cash on their balance sheets,” and that if they would just spend it, the economy would recover.

This is further evidence to me of the separation of ownership and control of the American corporation, in effect since Berle and Means' seminal book of the same title (link).  From one of the reviews of the book:  “The plain and simple bottom line is that unless you're an insider, you're nothing more than overhead to be tolerated.”

This money supposedly belongs to the shareholders, many of whom are pension funds (remember Peter Drucker’s dream of pension fund socialism)?  He got off that horse quickly and joined the board of GE to tutor Jack Welch and feed his five kids.

The gang leaders of today’s dominant gangs, the modern multinational corporations, are simply waiting the for the right moment to loot their corporate treasuries, again.

Perhaps we can see CEO salaries climb to a thousand times the (declining) median household income!  They can start to give themselves titles, and perhaps permanent inheritable seats in Congress, so that they don’t have to buy every election! 

Who will be king?  Don’t we need a king to complete the picture?

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