Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rumors of currency war

There are some interesting articles on what’s going on in the emerging currency war, as the US struggles to continue to exploit its reserve currency status (and we really want to inflate and devalue, to boost exports don’t we?  All the talk of strong dollar is just talk, isn’t it?).  I am including a link to Ben Fulford’s update, though I can’t figure out if he is just a loony telling tales or has some inside knowledge of what’s going on in Asia.  Certainly the American MSM keep us as wool-blind as they can. 

BBC: Banking With Hitler – Jesse
Currency Wars: Move to Make Treasury's Geithner a Permanent Member of US National Security Council – Jesse

Summer stalemate continues but lots going on under the surface in preparation for autumn regime changes – Ben Fulford

Has The Perfect Moment To Kill The Dollar Arrived? – Alt-Market.com

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