Saturday, August 24, 2013

Freedom’s Sunset

I am pleased to recommend a new thriller, Freedom’s Sunset, which is currently in the top 50 in Amazon’s political thriller category.  Please support this new author by reading the book and (if you like it) giving it a five-star review. Amazon’s algo's are very sensitive to the reviews.


Book Description

Are you concerned about the collapse of the American economy?  Here is a thriller about the collapse of the Soviet empire that provides historical insight into that collapse. It is June 1990. Mikhail S. Gorbachev, President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, fears that his policies of glasnost--openness--will cause the union to split apart.  The Berlin Wall fell in the past November. 

His political rival, Boris Yeltsin, appears to be gaining popularity. On a cold day Gorbachev comes to Minnesota in the American heartland for a historic visit. A product of the Russian countryside himself, Gorbachev is happy to be free of the intrigues of Washington, D.C. and Moscow for a day. 

But he will face an encounter with Zack Pedersen, a troubled youth from South Dakota, on Summit Avenue in St. Paul that sheds light on two very different empires in different stages of collapse.

Written in a style combining John le Carré with The Hunger Games, this book will appeal to those around the world who yearn for freedom and are willing to pay the price to keep it. The story contains strong language and adult themes.

This book includes a lot biographical flashbacks on Gorbachev’s life.  Reviewers find that it provides a lot of historical insight into the collapse of the USSR, and what has happened there subsequently.  Gorbachev’s personal story is especially compelling.

Russia currently has a sovereign debt to GDP ratio of approximately 10-15 percent.  They defaulted on much of the USSR’s debt.  Putin must be laughing at the what the bankers are doing to the Europeans.

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