Thursday, April 17, 2014

How stupid is our CIA-appointed president?

Washington has already lost the war in the Ukraine. The BRICs are accelerating their arrangements to avoid the petro-dollar. Russia and China have accelerated their plans to form a pan-Asian trade alliance. Russia is building an independent settlement system so that the US cannot impose economic sanctions through the banking system. The BRICs are forming their own development bank and have expressed a desire to avoid contact with the IMF.

First the CIA stage a coup after Yanukovych cancels an agreement to join the EU in favor of closer relations with Russia. RT (note source) interviewed the former security chief of the Ukraine who described in detail how the coup was run out of the American embassy in Kiev. The director of the CIA, John Brennan, recently visited Kiev to follow up. This was reported on RT and in the American alternative press, but nowhere in the MSM. The White House confirmed the visit.

The ever-stupid American public is being told the Russians fomented the coup; that it is the Russians destabilizing the Ukraine; and they are buying it.

The German “60 Minutes” has just investigated the sniper shootings at the Maidan and found that they were perpetrated by the protesters, not pro-Russian agents. This is typical false flag chaos-creation by the CIA.

Putin has been consistent in his demands: he wants the Ukraine to be a buffer state, not aligned with NATO; and given the demonstrably split demographics and east-west hostilities, for referendums to be held in the east to establish more autonomy for the eastern provinces, who large dislike Kiev. The statistics I’ve seen on eastern Ukrainian sentiment on secession and joining Russia are about a third for, a third against, a third just want peace and don’t care.

Putin is correct that the primary danger now is civil war. Military action by Kiev in the east virtually guarantees it. If Putin is smart, he will not engage militarily; and the West will lose the hearts and minds of Ukrainians for generations to come. As the EU goes bust they will look to the east. They will likely default on debts to the IMF under such conditions.

What is is disturbing this morning is that our CIA-appointed president is on TV looking very gray and exhausted saying that under no conditions will America take military action, that our only course will be tightening sanctions.

In contrast, Michael Hudson, who is better connected than I, is on RealNews saying that under the table the Americans are threatening Russia with military action, including nuclear, and that Europe and the rest of the world are terrified by this.

The neocon-neoliberal Washington Consensus is on its last legs. Their program for world domination has already failed; they’ve hollowed out the US economy and turned the rest of the world against us. The plutocrats who are pulling the strings everywhere have no national allegiances. They park their money beyond national tax jurisdictions; and they will make themselves at home in Europe or Asia and encourage the EU to join the pan-Asian trade zone if that suits them; and where would that leave the US?

It is time for Russia and America to work together to let the Ukraine develop a federalized structure; and to jointly support this impoverished, ransacked region so that it may support itself. America via the IMF wrecked the Russian economy when the Soviet Union fell (by “free market shock treatment” that destroyed the social fabric, fostered anti-Semitism and created pronounced inequality and government by a plutocracy that Putin is trying to ride herd on).

Destroying the Ukraine in the name of freedom helps no one except Blackwater, or Xi, or Academi and the rest of their military-industrial-financial complex ilk. And of course the plutocrats on both sides who would like to buy up Ukrainian assets at bargain prices.

But this is what Washington does best, destroying countries in the name of freedom.

But starting World War III would guarantee that the rest of world would turn on us.

Time to throw the psychopathic bums out, America. Wake up!

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