Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social contract broken

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts was a cruel irony from the point of view of anyone wishing that barbaric America might actually provide its citizens with universal health care.  The irony is that Massachusetts already did it, and didn’t want a Washington plan that would have cost them more money.  Ted Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave.

That, and according to Democratic pollsters, a pervading dissatisfaction with the President’s lack of backbone in standing up to the oligarchs of Wall Street.  The memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt may run strong in Massachusetts.  The health insurance stocks rallied.  Given the fiscal woes of the states now it is unlikely that any will be in a position to emulate Massachusetts’ plan.

Dysfunction at a national government level is just what the top 1 percent of the income and wealth distribution want.  They’d be happy to see an independent candidate run for president in 2012.   The more the merrier!  Nothing will get done!  Marginal tax rates on super-high incomes will remain at multi-generational lows!  The rich can continue to hollow out America, to create serfs where there once was a middle class.

It is important to see the big picture.  Follow the money.

Can you say, “banana republic”?


  1. Could it be the citizens of Mass have seen the future and do not want more of the same?

    Social contract? Contract implies voluntary exchange of value. Nothing imposed by the government is a contract as long as they have the power to take my life and freedom if I do not comply. The government getting nothing done may be a good thing, as we have stolen enough from future generations by government "getting things done."

  2. John -

    Social contract in the larger sense. America is the only developed country that does not provide health care universally. The income distribution is highly unequal, etc. We're not working as a team any more, and those in a position to rig the system to their benefit are doing so.