Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Blog List Modified

As my loyal readers have probably figured out, I have a limited amount of time to devote to the site, and simply relinking great articles from other sites does not add value.  This site is non-commercial anyway.

I am revising my list of regularly read blogs to reflect my updated preferences.  I’ve removed Calculated Risk (too old fashioned) and a few others, and added New$ To Use, which still has a sell-side emphasis but better international coverage. 

Mish and Zero Hedge are still in there for their number-crunching and ascerbic analysis, both exemplars of the Austro-libertarian point of view.  John Hussman’s scrupulously intellectually honest weekly postings, usually available Monday morning, have been added.  Hussman’s point of view most closely mirrors my own, being academically trained and a total apostate from the corrupt academic economics and finance establishment (I am currently trying to earn an honest living providing credit to small businesses).  Yves Smith and cohorts at Naked Capitalism go more than far enough in expressing their, and my, disgust at the impotence of progressives in our increasingly atavistic American political culture.  Jesse maintains a nice link list, though like Yves’s, I often skip his sermons.  There are a couple of sites I visit when I have time to waste, Jim Quinn’s The Burning Platform, another puerile libertarian blog but with an occasional nice article on the fourth turning (although his support for Romney as the next Boomer generation Prophet really cut his credibility with me), and The Economic Collapse, which offers a usually well-researched fundy end times perspective on latter day America.  Here’s a recent post on the state of children in America todayThe Browser is a general interest linking site, with good links.

The news flow from these sources (I mostly follow links) is a torrent.  My contribution will be to identify using my animal spirits model when the next collapse of confidence will likely occur.  A rising unemployment rate will precede it, but the event itself will be highly nonlinear.  I am still forecasting an “official” recession to begin in mid-2013.  Mish, ECRI and Hussman all say we’re “in recession” now.

BTW, I run AdBlock on Chrome on my PC, and having recently gotten an iPad (and become a convert to the tablet *and* touch screen modalities—my next PC will be a 15 inch Mac with a touch screen, I think) and Chrome for the iPad not having an ad blocker, I have been appalled at what Zero Hedge and other sites look like unfiltered.  I read most of my blogs in Google reader, and don’t see ads when I go to the site itself.  But these folks deserve to make money. 

Happy winter solstice!

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