Saturday, December 15, 2012

The public players are all fools

How long will our MSM political discourse be limited to witless exchanges between cartoon ideologies? The libertarians are lazy, puerile pikers who want no one to take their toys away. The evangelicals follow like sheep their war-mongering false prophets, funded by greedy rich bastards who laugh at their stupidly. The screeching leftists like Krugman and Bernanke are too brainwashed in fiddle with the dials neoclassical macroeconomics to fully realize that the problem is the distribution, stupid. How long will progressives who sense a fundamental corruption in the military-industrial-financial-fascist complex resulting in the erosion of Constitutional protections, blatant suppression of significantly disruptive opposition (Wikileaks), the lack of a single prosecution of anyone responsible for the massively fraudulent activity that led to the financial crisis and the subsequent bailout of the perpetrators--how long will rationally skeptical progressives be labeled "conspiracy theorists"?

Most of the American people probably would fall into the latter category if they were honest about their views.

At this point They already know all of our political opinions through their surveillance of all our private communications, so what is there to lose in the American people tying up the phone lines to Congress more often with expressions of our disgust with our "representatives"? What other power do we have? Are we going to continue taking this lying down?


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