Tuesday, January 8, 2013

RIP: The American Republic

Via:  fabiusmaximus.com  This is a site by a bunch of ex-military.  The Republic is dead, long live the Republic!  Worth reading.  Especially critical of Obomba’s recent appointments.  These neo-cons (including Obomba) are so stupid.  With cowardly drone attacks that routinely kill women and children they gain no strategic advantage, and turn an entire country into potential terrorists (e.g., Pakistan).  But the War Machine needs its wars, and if the natives won’t attack by themselves, they need to be provoked.

The Devolution continues, to crest by about the end of the decade. 

We’ve worked through all 5 stages of grief for the Republic. Now, on to The New America!

8 JANUARY 2013

by Fabius Maximus

Summary:  As the Republic dies, its opponents become bolder.  They move from subtly working to undermine it, to outright advocacy of its overthrow.

“We’ve spawned a new race here … We’re a new nationality. We require a new nation.”
— Benjamin Franklin speaking at the Continental Congress, 7 June 1776 (in the film 1776)


Perhaps we’ve become a new race, so that the America-that-once-was no longer suits us.
Perhaps we require a New America.


  1. Five stages of grieving for the Republic
  2. A new Republic for a plutocracy
  3. A Marine speaks against the Constitution
  4. For More Information


On the other hand, Hegel appears to have some strategic sense (not sure why Fabius Max doesn’t like him).  He opposed the Iraq “war,” and seems to favor getting out of the graveyard of empires as quickly as possible.  Perhaps he could talk the Prez out of being assassin-in-chief.

Via:  www.antiwar.com

If Confirmed, Hagel Likely to Favor Swift Withdrawal From Afghanistan
On Iran and Syria too, Hagel appears reluctant to commit troops

by John Glaser, January 07, 2013

Former Senator Chuck Hagel, nominated on Monday by President Obama to be the next Secretary of Defense, would be “likely to favor a sizable drawdown in Afghanistan, more frugal spending at the Pentagon and extreme caution when contemplating the use of force in places like Iran or Syria,” if confirmed, Reuters reports. […]

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