Sunday, June 16, 2013

Change to "Blogs I read regularly"

I have added "Fabius Maximus" to my list.  Since John Robb has turned his interest to his new site, "Resilient Communities", which is mostly about gardening, and stopped updating (much) his "Global Guerillas," I have turned to "Fabius Maximus" for incisive bashing of the greed and perversity of the military-industrial-financial-media complex from former ranking military intelligence insiders, who should know.  There's a depth of content there, with plenty of back-links, so it's worth an extended visit.

Another site I've added is Michael Snyder's "Economic Collapse Blog," which provides nice sets of authoritative links within a fundy Christian rant that generally tries to tell people to prepare themselves for the collapse by buying some of the many products advertised on the site.

I was talking with a Washington insider in the health industry (who is "on the bus" and has benefited financially from Obamacare, which I support, once debugged) recently about the state of economy and got a dose of apparatchiki-speak.  When I questioned the health of the economy, he said, "It's getting better!  It's growing!"

I asked how an economy in which the vast majority of households' real incomes are declining could possibly be described as "getting better."  He simply repeated his assertion.

Under continuous attack, the Democrats are becoming more and more rigid, brittle, and breakable--and willing to commit unethical uses of power to survive.  I'm sure this is the Republican strategy.

The Crisis looms.

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