Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Biden insults President Obama’s dog at Syracuse

Our more discerning readers may have noticed that our mascot, Tyler (to the left, not a picture of the author) is a Portuguese Water Dog.  President Obama’s new dog is a Portuguese Water Dog.  Vice President Biden has a new dog as well, in the fight, so to speak, which (speak) the Veep did, in Syracuse, insulting the Presidential pooch quite handily, before backpedaling as quickly as he could.

Via: Christian Science Monitor

It was as though Vice President Biden time-warped back to last fall. Because on Sunday he was in full campaign attack mode.

Oh, it was an idyllic setting. Nobody saw it coming. The vice president had just finished delivering the commencement address at Syracuse University and stopped by to chat with students at Bellevue Elementary School.

During the intense question and answer period, one child asked the vice president if he had ever petted a dog.

“Yeah, but guess what? I’ve got a dog that lives with me,” Biden replied. “The smartest, coolest dog in the world.”

Normally, you’d leave it at that. You’ve praised your dog. Why denigrate another?

Because in campaigns you have to differentiate yourself from your opponent. And campaigns are in Biden’s blood. That’s when he let it be known that Bo Obama was a dolt.

“The new dog I have is only five months old and his name is Champ,” Biden told the schoolkids.

“My dog is smarter than Bo, his dog,” he jabbed.

“I think so,” he taunted. Yeah, I do.”

An astute politician, Biden apparently didn’t want to be seen as a mudslinger so he conceded that “Bo’s a beautiful dog too.”

To watch the full shocking video, click here.  To understand what Vice President Biden meant to say, watch Robert Gibbs’ press briefing tomorrow.


  1. It's not just an insult to Bo. It's an insult to the office of First Dog!


  2. From what I've heard, the First Dog has declined to lower himself to comment on the issue, while offering to go for a walk with Champ.