Saturday, September 22, 2012

The big lie

“Lower taxes cause higher economic growth.”  It’s making the rounds.

What causes robust economic growth—and a myriad of health and welfare benefits--is social justice, as reflected in a viable social contract that produces a much more equitable distribution of spoils than currently exists in the US, a state of the union where everyone is more or less pulling together rather than pulling apart, as the nation is currently.


Truest statement made by a politician this week:  “You can’t change Washington from the inside.” – Barack Obama.

Mobilize, America!  Vote!  Amend the Constitution!  Clean up the mess!  You’re better off telling the rich to “love it or leave it,” than to fall into the neo-feudalism they would have your and your children and your children’s children live in.  The level of GDP is not the best measure of social welfare.  Most of what they tell you is lies anyway.

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