Sunday, October 14, 2012

The extraction of America

A couple more references on the extraction of America by the 1 percent.  The financial elite have set America up to go broke so they can buy up the assets at steep discounts.  It’s the old pump and dump and buy back in strategy.

The stupidity of the American people in not being able to see through Mitt Romney’s pandering to the 1 percent is evidence that part of the extraction plan was dumbing the American people down virtually to “useless eater” status, perhaps in advance of a “regrettable” liquidation through deprivation of health care and poverty and abuse by perpetually lowered socioeconomic status.  General Petrov sounds the same themes as the Gamble scion in his video a couple of posts ago.  Note that Petrov also is careful to state his conspiracy theory is not about any one religious or ethnic group, i.e., the Jews, and I agree.  The international financial elite are multicultural, united in their greed and enabled in global expropriation by weakened national states the world around.

The Self-Destruction of the 1 Percent Chrystia Freeland, New York Times

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